ZeNPulsar is the first European Cyber Forensic Solution dedicated to advancing online integrity.
The Challenge
The difficulty in distinguishing between reality and
deliberate fabrications − disinformation − made to
manipulate and influence opinions is a significant and costly challenge.
Disinformation campaigns and harmful fabricated narratives are growing in number and sophistication.
The Targets
Individuals, companies, organizations, and governments are targeted.
The Consequences
Trust is eroded and businesses have become highly vulnerable.
Detection of new campaigns, connecting them to previous ones based on digital evidence, artefacts of actors, and their modus operandi.
A full intelligence analysis and warning monitoring solution based on forensically-sound protocols.
Our unique scalable and extensible SaaS/API solution leverages cyber security, forensics, and data science expertise to expose artificial online promotion of false harmful narratives realtime.
A diverse team composed of experienced corporate professionals with strong entrepreneurship acumen
Alexander Pisemskiy
Technology Strategy
15+ years in cybersecurity, fraud detection and investigations, experienced founder and tech VC partner
Paul Wang
25+ years in audit, regulatory & compliance, cybersecurity, fraud investigation, board member of several start-ups and technology companies
Paul Dudko
Product, Data Science
15+ years in machine learning, deals strategy and video gaming industry, serial entrepreneur focused on AI
Rustem Salawat
Development, Architecture
15+ years in IT, video production and AI, serial entrepreneur focused on AI
Julien Artero
Market & Sales Strategy
17+years in Clients & Market development strategy in the forensic, fraud and cyber investigations market
Charles Desclos le Peley
Operations and Finance
12+ years in investment banking and management consulting
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