One-stop AI data platform with ready to use public data market signals to empower institutional investors to outperform markets and reduce costs.
We process 1 billion data points daily arriving from news, social media, and other public sources related to financial markets, equities, commodities, digital assets, and other investment instruments.

This comprehensive analysis offers insights into sentiment dynamics, emerging trends, risk factors, and key stakeholders.
Time Saved
Reduce the time spent by your analysts by up to 90% and benefit from truly data-driven investment decisions.
The Most Powerful Solution for Investors on The Market.
  • 18 Social Media Platforms

  • 650,000+ News Outlets

  • 80+ Languages for Seamless Analysis and Translation

  • Web Dashboard or API Integration

  • Customized To Your Requirements
Build Your Private or Public Assets Portfolio in PUMP to:
  • Monitor Sentiment in Real Time

  • Get News and Posts Which Define Sentiment Dynamics

  • Understand Influencers Who Drive Narratives

  • Subscribe on Opinion Leaders and Don’t Miss Their Posts

  • Receive Alerts on Impactful Events

  • Analyze Millions of Posts and News using GenAI Companion

  • Summarize Media Presence of Your Portfolio for Investors
Track sentiment trends and signals over time and analyze correlations with market movements.
Generate ALPHA with Market Leading Datasets.
Our unique datasets track and quantify the impact of social media on thousands of assets and generate ALPHA providing a detailed analysis of activities of influencers, financial professionals, retail investors, and bots across social media platforms.
For more information regarding pricing or to request a dataset sample, please get in touch.
Pulse Sentiment
This dataset offers sentiment scores from the complete asset universe-related social media, enabling tracking of sentiment over time and analysis of its correlation with market movements, with insights into how influencers, financial professionals, investors, and bots impact sentiment.
Dominating Sentiment
This dataset analyzes sentiment from social media, tracking trends over time and correlations with market movements. Metrics like Dominating sentiment provide nuanced views of overall sentiment direction, considering bullish, bearish, and neutral mentions.
This dataset analyzes the impact of key opinion-makers on retail investors and sentiment. It gathers data from over 10 million social media accounts, offering insights into topics covered by influencers, including topic popularity within specific influencer groups.
News and Reactions
This dataset focuses on trending financial articles among influencers and professional investors, capturing social media momentum and providing early market signals. With a 99% data accuracy rate and specialized financial asset focus, it offers comprehensive insights through news sentiment and social media reactions. The dataset includes news text, source, sentiment, and labels like virality and popularity among professionals.
Datasets for All Asset Classes
Datasets for Major Asset Classes
This dataset provides detailed sentiment analysis and classifying mentions into facts, opinions, or predictions. It offers comprehensive insights including sentiment scores (neutral, bullish, bearish), asset codes, and fact_level labels indicating mention nature (fact, opinion, prediction) from different data sources.
Datasets Exclusively for Crypto
Labelled Posts
This dataset includes post text and AI-generated labels indicating sentiment (bullish, bearish, neutral), authenticity (bot or non-bot), fact level (opinion, prediction, fact), and spam classification.
Bank Run
This dataset evaluates the sentiment of mentions related to bank stocks providing insights into prevailing market sentiment and the level of public belief in potential mass deposit withdrawal.
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