Social media data is a goldmine of information for investors, businesses, and government organizations. But the platforms are populated by bots, humans, influencers, and spammers — all using different languages and formats. Extracting value out of this chaos, in real time, with speed and accuracy remains a huge technological challenge. ZENPULSAR’s cutting edge Data Centric AI can finally cut through the noise and spot early signals, emerging trends and viral narratives before the crowds, and everyone else.

Transforming Social Media Data into Value

ZENPULSAR is a data centric AI technology start up founded in the UK in 2021. After the GameStop shortsqueeze episode, we knew that if we had monitored and analysed social media data from multiple platforms in real time, we could have predicted the event by spotting early signals and emerging narratives. This is what led us to build our unique ZENPULSAR technology to clear the noise out of social media and extract value for the real world.
Our team
Alexander Pisemskiy
Technology Strategy
Paul Wang
Rustem Salawat
Development, Architecture
Pavel Dudko
Product, Data Science
Julien Artero
Clients & Markets Strategy
Charles Desclos le Peley
Operations and Finance
ZENPULSAR is a unique international data centric AI company where the best talents can grow and thrive.

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