PUMP – Your Google for Social Media Search

One of the key elements of our social media analytics platform, PUMP, is the social search functionality. PUMP is capable of searching social media posts and accounts across a wide variety of platforms with high precision and using features enabled by advanced NLP models. In this article, we will have a detailed look at PUMP’s search function and its unique merits.

Online Search as We Understand It

For decades, we have been accustomed to thinking of online searches as ones involving websites and news portals, with social media featuring very little in the final search results. When we think search, we typically think Google these days. While Google has massive online search capabilities and powerful algorithms, the world’s premier search engine was designed from the outset to focus on finding relevant websites rather than social media accounts or posts.
With the massive growth of social media in the last few years, social search is now at least as relevant as website search. The world’s top search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo Search, aren’t optimised for social media. In contrast, PUMP’s search function is specifically designed for these purposes.

What Is PUMP Search?

PUMP’s search function is one of the key capabilities of our social analytics platform. PUMP’s search uses advanced NLP algorithms to find the most relevant content on social media platforms as well as news websites.
Results are sourced from five platforms – Twitter, Reddit, Seeking Alpha, Weibo, and Telegram. PUMP has two search modes – the standard search and “AI Concepts”.
The standard search finds content relevant to the search query based on social media accounts and posts. You can search for a term and see the most relevant social accounts for it. Alternatively, you can filter the results by the actual posts.
The AI Concepts search mode helps you find relevant posts and news using a more contextually-refined algorithm with additional search options at your disposal.
The AI Concepts Search Screen
If your search involves shorter terms (e.g., “Bitcoin”, “Microsoft”, “NVIDIA”) and you need to find more generalised information, the standard search works well. On the other hand, if you search for something very specific with longer phrases (e.g., “is Bitcoin correlated now with stocks”), the AI Concepts search is the optimal mode.
The AI Concepts search also lets you specify additional search options – “closer to” and “further from”. Using these options, you can specify what specific terms/topics your search query is closer to but should be further from. For example, when you search for the phrase “is Bitcoin correlated now with stocks”, you can specify “fundamental” in the “closer to” field and “technical” in the “further from” section. By doing so, you will get results where the discussion is slanted more towards fundamental analysis and less towards technical analysis talk.

Benefits of PUMP Search

PUMP Search is a unique search engine in the industry – this is the first engine that uses advanced NLP models to allow for deep, contextually-refined search within social media posts and accounts.
While Google was created to optimise searching websites, PUMP Search was created by ZENPULSAR to be the world’s most advanced social media search platform.
Here are the top, and in some cases unique, benefits of using PUMP Search for investors, market analysts, and brand managers:
· PUMP uses NLP models to power the world’s first comprehensive social media search engine.
· PUMP Search covers five major social media sources – a width of coverage unmatched in the industry.
· PUMP’s AI Concepts search allows you to fine-tune your search results using options like “closer to” and “further from”.
· PUMP Search is based on PUMP’s advanced bot-detection filters. Using our search engine, you can cancel the noise in the search results by filtering out bot generated content on social media. For instance, our bot detection rate for Twitter stands at 98%. We have achieved this result despite the recent massive growth in bot content created using Generative AI models like ChatGPT.
· PUMP Search allows you to filter the results by trusted sources only, another great noise cancellation benefit.
· PUMP Search uses finance-specific NLP models to source relevant search results from discussions involving a range of financial assets – cryptocurrencies, equities, commodities, forex, and bonds.

In short, we believe we can confidently state that by now, in terms of our search engine’s capabilities, we are “the Google of Social Media Search”. However, we don’t stop at what we have achieved. PUMP Search, just like PUMP itself as a comprehensive social analytics and social sentiment platform, is being continually improved to stay ahead of the curve. As Generative AI tools flood social media every day with bot-generated, artificial, fake, or unrealistic content, PUMP Search fights all this noise to deliver you the best quality social search results.