The co-founders of ZENPULSAR are set to join the cohort at the GOOGLE FOR STARTUPS: Accelerator Summit taking place over the next couple of days in Madrid. This summit serves as an annual gathering for active Accelerator mentors and alumni from across Europe and Israel.

At the Google for Startups Campus in Madrid, more than a hundred brilliant minds will convene to celebrate the community, exchange insights, and ignite inspiration for the upcoming year. The event's agenda includes thought-provoking talks, engaging panel discussions, and community-driven unconference sessions.

For the co-founders of ZENPULSAR, this summit offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with a diverse network of seasoned mentors and fellow startup trailblazers. It's a chance to absorb knowledge, share experiences, and fuel our drive to push ZENPULSAR to new heights in the dynamic startup landscape.

As we immerse ourselves in this gathering of entrepreneurial minds, the ZENPULSAR team eagerly anticipates gaining fresh perspectives and fostering connections that will power our growth in the months to come.