ZENPULSAR Social Media Crypto Sentiment Index 17-23 August

  • This week's Social Media Crypto Sentiment Index features some of the coins that are not frequent guests in the top 7 list - FLOW and VET.
  • BTC and ETH occupy the top 2 spots in a common scenario.

  • SHIB climbs to the 3rd position, perhaps the highest this crypto is usually capable of in terms of its social media sentiment.

  • XRP is 4th, still enjoying high overall sentiment thanks to Ripple's win in the lawsuit against the SEC back in June.

  • FLOW is 5th, a position rarely occupied by the relatively minor coin. It's worth paying attention to this crypto's future market moves!

  • DOGE is 6th. Elon Musk's favourite coin is often in and out of our weekly top 7, usually in the lower half of it, just as this week.

  • VET, another rare guest in the top 7, rounds off the list. Along with FLOW, this is another relatively low-cap cryptocurrency worth tracking over the coming weeks.

The sentiment data above is derived from our social media analytics platform, PUMP. The index is only a small portion of the analytics and insights delivered by PUMP. Get your free trial access to PUMP today.