RobotBulls and ZENPULSAR Announce A Strategic Partnership

RobotBulls and ZENPULSAR made an excellent deal with their latest acquisition. Thanks to key data from ZENPULSAR, the fintech company specialized in cryptocurrency trading can offer even more effective algorithms. The new data collection techniques used by ZENPULSAR, as well as the innovative API, allow users to better understand the current market sentiment and current price movements.

The partnership involves the acquisition of several data sets held by ZENPULSAR, a London-based company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) analysis. Covering the period from 2009 to 2022, this data comes from various sources such as, Reddit, or Seeking Alpha. They provide a score of the predominant feeling, based in particular on reactions on social networks and the ideas of financial influencers.

In partnership with RobotBulls, the alliance also involves access to an innovative technology called Oracle. This technology allows the classification of feelings, to distinguish between facts, opinions and predictions. Among the vast amount of information processed, it is therefore a question of eliminating "noise" to retain only the significant data.

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