ZENPULSAR Social Media Crypto Sentiment Index 11 November - 17 November

  • Bitcoin (BTC) retains its top spot, but it is Ethereum (ETH) that can celebrate hard. The world's 2nd largest crypto returns to position 2 (4th last week) after more than a 2-week stay in the middle of the top 7 rankings. ETH's sentiment is finally on the mend.

  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) refuses to give up its earlier gains, moving back to 3rd from 5th last week.

  • Amidst these reshuffles at the top, Dogecoin (DOGE) steps one place down from last week, taking up the 4th spot.

  • XRP is the biggest loser among the top coins by sentiment, sliding from its historically high 2nd position last week down to 5th now.

  • After a week's absence, Solana (SOL) returns to the top 7, in the 6th spot.

  • The last position is taken by Cronos (CRO), a crypto that hardly ever features in our top 7 list. It's time for the market to pay closer attention to this coin!

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