ZENPULSAR Social Media Crypto Sentiment Index 28 September - 04 October

  • After just one week at the top of the sentiment rankings, the Curve Finance platform drops out of the top 7, with Bitcoin returning to the number 1 position.

  • Ethereum takes its customary position, right after the world's largest crypto (was 3rd last week, courtesy of Curve's sudden surge).

  • XRP cements its position immediately after the top two cryptocurrencies, a pattern that we have been observing for a few weeks now.

  • SHIB rises up to take up the 4th spot (7th last week).

  • DOGE and BNB are 5th and 6th, respectively (6th and 5th last week).

  • Cardano's ADA is a newcomer in the top 7, having featured in it only a few times in the past (not in the top 7 last week).

The sentiment data above is derived from our social media analytics platform, PUMP. The index is only a small portion of the analytics and insights delivered by PUMP. Get your free trial access to PUMP today.