ZENPULSAR Social Media Crypto Sentiment Index 13 October - 19 October

  • Bitcoin (BTC) is still at the top, just as last week.

  • Ethereum (ETH) claws back the 2nd position it lost to Shiba Inu (SHIB) last week.

  • SHIB returns to the 3rd spot after enjoying its one-week dominance over ETH.

  • The traditional middle-of-the-table dwellers, DOGE, XRP, and BNB, are occupying their usual spots in the middle and closer to the end of the top 7. DOGE is 4th (5th last week), XRP is 5th (4th last week), and BNB is 6th (unchanged from last week).

  • After weeks of absence in the top 7, Solana (SOL) makes a comeback. The coin's resurgence in the crypto market is undoubtedly helping its social sentiment as well.

The sentiment data above is derived from our social media analytics platform, PUMP 2.0. The index is only a small portion of the analytics and insights delivered by the platform. Get your free trial access to PUMP 2.0 today.