ZENPULSAR Graduates From The Google AI First Program

What a remarkable year 2023 was for ZENPULSAR! We proudly graduated from the prestigious Google AI First program, marking a significant milestone in our journey. As part of this achievement, we had the privilege of attending the Google For Startups EU Summit in Madrid, an experience that further solidified our commitment to innovation and growth.
️⭐️ Throughout the Google AI First program, we benefited immensely from tailored mentoring sessions that addressed our specific needs, fostering an environment conducive to collaboration and development. These sessions played a crucial role in our growth and success.
⭐️️ The Google For Startups EU Summit in Madrid was an enriching two days filled with diverse training sessions and conferences. We delved not only into the latest advancements in technology but also explored essential topics related to business and personal growth. One of the highlights was the opportunity to connect with passionate alumni and dedicated mentors from various countries and fields, strengthening our network and knowledge base.A huge thank you to the Google For Startups team for choosing ZENPULSAR to be apart of this incredible program and summit. Your efforts have undoubtedly contributed to our success, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet everyone again, continuing the journey of collaboration and shared growth into 2024!
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