Extracting meaningful signals out of the chaos of social media is a considerable challenge. Now organisations can finally cut through the noise and spot emerging narratives in real time with unmatched speed and accuracy. ZENPULSAR helps organisations spot viral narratives, early signals, and emerging trends before the crowds and everyone else.

Data centric AI to detect early signals & viral trends

About us
ZENPULSAR is a data centric AI technology company founded in London in 2021. When the GameStop shortsqueeze happened in February 2021, we decided to develop a unique platform to detect in real time early signals and emerging trends happening on social media.

The chaotic nature of social media — populated by bots, humans, influencers, spam, and disinformation, spread across a variety of platforms, languages and formats — makes it an extraordinarily difficult environment. Extracting valuable signals, trends and intelligence out of social media is a huge challenge. And that is what ZENPULSAR is all about: taking on this challenge.
Our team
Alexander Pisemskiy
Technology Strategy
17+ years in cybersecurity, fraud detection and investigations, experienced founder and tech VC partner.
Paul Wang
25+ years in audit, regulatory & compliance, cybersecurity, fraud investigation, board member of several start-ups and technology companies.
Rustem Salawat
Development, Architecture
15+ years in IT, video production and AI, serial entrepreneur focused on AI.
Paul Dudko
Product, Data Science
15+ years in machine learning, deals strategy and video gaming industry, serial entrepreneur focused on AI.
Julien Artero
Clients & Markets Strategy
18 years in Sales & Markets development strategy in the forensic, fraud and cyber investigations market. Experienced entrepreneur.
Charles Desclos le Peley
Operations and Finance
13+ years in investment banking and management consulting. Experienced entrepreneur.
ZENPULSAR is a unique international data centric AI company where the best talents can grow and thrive.

Get in contact to learn about our open roles and about our teams that build our technology, our products, and help our clients access unique insights from social media.