PUMP detects weak signals and emerging viral narratives out of billions of social media data points. It clears out the noise of social media with unmatched speed and accuracy.

You can build your own watchlist of financial assets (stocks, commodities, crypto, NFTs), and start monitoring the weak signals and trends likely to go viral and impact your tracked assets. You can also analyse how narratives are spreading and assess their impact.

PUMP processes 0,5bn social media posts per day, in 80 languages, analyses text, video, voice, pictures, and reads hyperlinks to clear out the noise (bots/spam), extract sentiment (bullish/bearish), identify sources (trusted/ non-trusted) to finally detect early signals and emerging trends.

Investors use PUMP technology to generate new trade ideas, spot trends and catch the signals they need to generate further alpha. ZENPULSAR works with traders, portfolio managers and hedge funds to constantly refine PUMP results and the quality of our data pipeline.
Detect early signals and emerging trends before everyone else.
The fastest and most accurate platform to make timely investment decisions.
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