We Organize Social Media Data
To Extract Value For The Real World
The Challenge
Are you human or are you a bot?
On social media, it is impossible for humans to distinguish whether they are speaking to a machine or not. The sheer volume of accounts and posts makes the problem even bigger.
Clear the noise
To extract valuable ideas and signals from social media, we first need to clear the noise from bots, influencers, and other networks.
Extract Value
We then go beyond posts on social media. We process text, links, images, videos, audience reach, and virality and we finally extract valuable output.
Turn it into actionnable signals
We connect billions of datapoints from social media to extract ideas, nuance sentiment, trends, and signals for the real world.

Access Unique Social Media Data that Moves Markets
PUMP allows market investors to access all live social media content from all major platforms in one single place.

Following the GameStop retail investor pump in February 2021, ZeNPulsar recognized the need for financial services players to identify and predict early market trends initiated on social media. PUMP was developed to extract unique market data from social media to help investors make decisions.

PUMP is used by investors, traders, hedge funds, banks, and asset managers to monitor emerging coordinated narratives impacting stocks, crypto, NFTs, or any asset classes.

Diversity, Experience, Focus
  • Alexander Pisemskiy
    Technology Strategy
    17+ years in cybersecurity, fraud detection and investigations, experienced founder and tech VC partner.
  • Paul Wang
    25+ years in audit, regulatory & compliance, cybersecurity, fraud investigation, board member of several start-ups and technology companies.
  • Paul Dudko
    Product, Data Science
    15+ years in machine learning, deals strategy and video gaming industry, serial entrepreneur focused on AI.
  • Rustem Salawat
    Development, Architecture
    15+ years in IT, video production and AI, serial entrepreneur focused on AI.
  • Julien Artero
    Clients & Markets Strategy
    18 years in Sales & Markets development strategy in the forensic, fraud and cyber investigations market. Experienced entrepreneur.
  • Charles Desclos le Peley
    Operations and Finance
    13+ years in investment banking and management consulting. Experienced entrepreneur.
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